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Why Hire a Florist?

Beautiful bouquet created by Kio Kreations {Photo Courtesy of Kio Kreations}

10 Reasons Why it’s Better to Leave Floral Design to the Professionals

By Kristen Janes of Kio Kreations

There are a bunch of reasons why NOT to do your own wedding flowers, but here are ten to get you started…

1.         Wedding flowers are a key part of overall decor and the personal flowers will be featured in many of the photos

2.         You don’t have a degree in Botany, nor do you know what flowers are in season when, or how to care for cut flowers, etc.

3.         Unless you are wildly talented and have a keen design sense, DIY-centerpieces often look  very “DIY” (in a bad way)

4.         There is a lot of items that you’d need to purchase if yourself that you otherwise could have rented from a florist (vases, pillars, containers)

5.         There are a lot of supplies you will need to buy to even put a single bouquet together (wire cutters, bunch cutters, ribbon cutters, ribbon, corsage pins, wire, let alone the actual flowers!)

6.         You’ll have to find a source for the actual flowers and find out what guarantees (if any) come with said flowers?

7.         You”ll have to order and receive the flowers at the perfect time (before the wedding but not too far ahead of time that they die).

8.         You’ll have the looming worry of who is setting them up at the ceremony/reception and who is tearing them down at the end of the night.

9.         You’d have to figure out when and where will you do all of the designing and where you will store the flowers before the wedding so they stay cool.

10.       When all is said and done, you won’t save anywhere near as much money as you had planned nor will you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Just remember, when it comes to cutting costs, flowers are NOT the place to do it. You want the happiest day of your life to come with no worries, no week-of-the-wedding DIY projects, and no dead, cheap, or fake-looking flowers!


Thanks Kristen!


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